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The surest path to your thriving business begins with a dynamic irresistible VISION.   Why wait?  You can step on the path today.  

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5  Key Actions to Ignite a Powerful Vision"


Sharpen Your Envisioning Skills and Watch the Prosperity Flow Toward You

Envisioning sounds easy, and it can be, with practice. However, just because Envisioning is a natural trait for human beings, don't underestimate what can happen if you devote real time and effort to sharpening that saw.  It will catapult your progress!

To generate the Life Force you need for creating a thriving business, you will need a Vision that can withstand every doubt, every slow period, every disappointment. 

There may come moments in building and marketing your business when your commitment wanes.  You may, at times, feel stuck rather than hopeful and confident. These are the periods that can zap your energy and stifle your progress.  That's one of the reasons why you need a powerful Vision!

This little booklet will give you a fresh point of view and concrete repeatable action steps that will invigorate your ability to Envision. It will encourage you to create a techni-color vibrant personal and professional Vision of a future you'd love to live. 

Envisioning will start you on a path to the Prosperous Private Practice you've been dreaming of and accelerate your progress in that direction.

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Your Vision Is an Indispensable Building Block and a Reliable Friend

You know the proverb about building your house on sinking sand. A well-conceived, thoroughly imagined and documented, living Vision is the bedrock on which to build something that will stand beside you, and have staying power.

Your Vision is Your Guide

With a Vision that you've invested in, thought about, written or talked about, clarified and amplified, you will always know which way to go.  It will be your reference point to help you stay on track. It will help you resist distractions and remain focused. It will light the path so you can see what to do next.

Your Vision is Your Motivator

When you're putting in extra time working on building the private practice that you long for, sometimes there will be challenges. From time to time you may be thinking, "This is not happening fast enough" or "How will I get past this obstacle?" or "Am I really on the right path?"  Your Vision will motivate you to stay the course, search for a new answer, do a realistic assessment, and keep going.

Your Vision is the Cosmic Spark that Lights the Way

In the work of Manifestation, there are forces at work behind the scenes that are as influential to our progress as gravity is to our stability.  We may not understand exactly why or how this happens, but it's well documented (and you can prove it for yourself). If you have a Vision that lights you up, synchronicity kicks into gear.  The "luck" starts to go your way. Magic happens.


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