I can help you build a more prosperous holistic private practice!

You can have the practice you've visualized
and longed for. Even if you're not in business, but have a long-held dream, my book has much to offer you, too!

The new book I wrote with your business  (AND personal) transformation in mind is almost ready to go to press. Very soon I'll begin taking pre-order reservations so you can be assured of your own copy as soon as it appears in print, expected in late March 2018.

Share your email address with me here and you'll receive immediate access to Your SNEAK PEEK inside the book -- see for yourself what you can expect to find in this helpful book when it comes out!  Even if you're not in business for yourself, you'll find that at least the first 3 steps -- and the last one -- are relevant to the realization of many of your long-held dreams. 


"LIFE FORCE MARKETING: Build a Prosperous Holistic Practice in 10 Steps (even if you don't enjoy marketing)


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If you are a holistic practitioner working with individuals or groups...

Have You Reached a Crossroads?
Do you need to reinvigorate a practice that's gone a little stale? Have you added something new to your business or practice? Time for rebranding? Moving to a new location or going solo after working in a group practice? Starting something brand new?

If you are a Solo Service Provider Working in Creative or Artistic Fields...

Trying to make a living at what you love, you may not know where to begin or even dread the idea of self-promotion. There's a way to approach your marketing without feeling sleazy or pushy. You can promote yourself and what you offer and still remain true to your values.

Starting a New Business After a Lifetime of Working for Someone Else?

By aligning yourself with a holistic approach to marketing you can find the kind of clients you love working with. You can do good things for your pocketbook. You can move in the direction of your larger mission. You can increase the amount of good you do in the world.


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